Welcome to the MYDCraft's BuyCraft store, you can purchase a range of in game perks for a range of prices. Some of the things you can purchase with great rewards are, Donation Ranks, In-Game Tags, Sponsor Rank, MYD Keys, and more. These donations will go towards running the server for faster performance, even more reliability, and generally giving you a better server experience.

We greatly appreciate anyone who donates how big or small, we thank you! 

-MYDCraft Staff Team




Terms & Conditions:

The buyer of these products are under their own responsibility to pay correctly to the valid receiver, therefore we do not take any responsibility in loss or non received payments to the receiver, no refunds will be valid. We also do not offer refunds to invalid reasons such as personal problems (Game breaks, PC breaks, etc.), general refund-ability (random request refunds) and accidental purchases. 

If you require more invalid reasons for a refund please contact the owner or a high member of staff.

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